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Worker Training Resources: Health, Hygiene & Safety


1. Produce safety training, general

Food safety begins on the farm
(Video: English; Spanish)

Produce Safety Matters: The Bigger Picture (Video: English)


2. Worker training

Worker training and the Produce Safety Rule (video)

Kits in English & Spanish (download; order online)

Worker health & hygiene (Fact sheet: English, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Khmer, Korean, Spanish)

Signs on Farm Worker Health and Hygiene Policies (English, Spanish, graphics/English)

Cold, flu or allergy? Teach your employees when they are too sick to work with produce (English, Spanish)

3. Handwashing

Videos (English, Spanish)

Signs (English, Spanish)

Guide on handwashing & glove use (English, Spanish)

  4. Facilities (handwashing & sanitary)

  Videos (English, Spanish)

Build a field handwashing station (pdf of materials and instructions)


5. Safe practices in the field and in the pack shed

Video (English):

In the field

In the packhouse

   6. Cleaning and sanitation

Videos (English, Spanish)

 7. Visitors and biosecurity

Videos (English, Mixtec, Spanish)

Signs on Farm Visitor Guidelines (English, Spanish)

Other resources to support worker training: